K.C. Jazz Angels     

Bill Basie playing sweet riffs
swinging "One O'Clock Jump"
12th Street, Reno Club
Lester Young's  hot tenor sax blowin'
chorus with the Count

                       Jazz Angels

wild jump blues, shake the bandstand
reefer dances, drifts 
like a voodoo blue haze
up  from the band.
Charlie Parker looking for that swing fix
too young to blow
leans over the balcony
digging  Lester under a crawdad moon
woodsheds on stoops
back alleys, waiting for the nod.

                         Jazz Angels

Before Yesterday

old men 
in yesterday's hats
don't fit
goodwill suits
too big 
in the shoulders
sit in the park
arms folded

one dozing
head bent
stubble beard
turned to
the sun
the other 
looks down
as if reading
a hymnal

it is 
with little 
they sit
one waiting
for godot
waiting for 

they swap 
they will
be here 
or not.


Looking for Kerouac

at night
weekend poets
with Wal-Mart berets
search for meaning
in faux jazz joints
haikus are lost
to jazz notes swingin
from a computer programmed
Bose system.

Scot Young lives in Missouri.  He works in secondary education.  His previous poetry credits include The Beat, Sketchbook II, Spoken Word, Asphalt Sky, World Catalyst Magazine, Hemingway's Shotgun, Free Pamphlet Publishing, Pleiades, and Potpourri. His early influences were Richard Brautigan, A.D. Winans and Charles Bukowski. You will find Scot's blog at                                                                                       http://midwestpoet.wordpress.com

Midwest Poet
Frisking the Whiskers 

on the street   two beat
jump  jazz  swings the door open
scat cats call us in 

Front Porch Spring: 
                                        --A Dirt Road Haiku Sonnet

brown hills sprinkled with
white blooms of serviceberry 
waiting for dogwoods

crappie huddle up
on old Christmas trees weighted
for this shallow cove

overnight pop of
greens finally hide light     noise
of next hill neighbor

fawns freeze in driveway
scattered Sweet William    backdrop
of almost redbuds

whippoorwills will return as
if they never left

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Scot Young    © 2008
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